Learn to Paint And Discover A Hobby You Actually Love

Hey there & welcome! :)

Ready to unleash your inner acrylic painting animal and finally start an enjoyable hobby that you've always dreamed of?

This is the place for you if you:

  • Want to learn to paint with acrylics without an ounce of experience but don't know how & where to start
  • Want to enjoy the painting journey with a positive "you've got this" mindset
  • Been feeling stuck even though you've read-all-the-articles, watched countless YouTube tutorials and know the tips by heart.
  • Envision yourself being able to paint what your eyes see, but you don't think you can
  • Need a gentle nudge forward, that'll help inspire and motivate you

I'm really looking forward to helping you discover that you have everything within you to learn, grow and create beautiful art that you're excited to share with the world.

Peace, love & color

Available Products

A Beginner Painters Starter Toolkit {Free Resource Library}

[START HERE] Unlock the tips, tricks + hacks to start a successful hobby in acrylic painting in this library of free resources. Created just for you, as you go from newbie to finding your best inner artist. 

Acrylic For Beginners Bundle: A-Z Guide To Your First Acrylic Masterpiece

Not quite ready to make your first painting yet and want to brush up on the basics of acrylics/painting before starting?

This bundle will take you from knowing zero about painting with acrylics, to having the tools, techniques and simple tips to get your started. You'll also be painting your first masterpiece with your choice of 3 fun step-by-step paintings 🥳. [ "All-in-one" 124 page e-book included]

Paint Your First Abstract Painting - That's Actually Fun To Make [WORKSHOP]

Are you curious about making an abstract painting, but don't know where to start?

In this beginners workshop you'll be creating your first 2 abstract paintings with items you have in your home right now. You'll transform 2 blank canvases into gorgeous, unique and fun intuitional styled abstract paintings through an easy step-by-step approach.🎨👩🏾‍🎨💖

Paintbrush 101 : Start Using Your Brushes with Intent & Confidence

Do you own some acrylic brushes, and wish they came with an all-important instruction guide?

This system will change how you use your brushes and will help you make better strokes and art. Click that green button below to learn more...

Paint & Sip : Sunset Cityscape (PDF Workbook)

This beginner friendly sunset cityscape tutorial would delight any crowd (big or small) and is easy to follow with simple steps, clear & large colored pictures, and bonus paint party tips & paint blending tips.

Paint & Sip (PDF Workbook): Cherry Blossom Tree Painting

This 🌸 cherry blossom tree painting tutorial🌸(q-tip method) would delight any crowd (big or small) and is easy to follow with simple steps, clear & large colored pictures, and extra bonus paint party tips.

Paint & Sip (Video Package): Cherry Blossom Tree Painting

Sit back and relax with this 🌸 cherry blossom tree tutorial🌸(q-tip method)  complete video package. Everything you need to plan and run a successful paint party is included in this package.

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