How to paint with your palette knife

By now you know how to use a palette knife to mix 2 or more paints together to create even/streak-free colors.

Yay, and your brushes say thank you!

But did you know you can actually paint with palette knives too?

These amazing little tools can create some cool effects, textures and even patterns.
I've included the video above to show you some of my favorite palette knife painting techniques - including a start to finish mini palette knife painting (without using a single brush!)

Like your brushes - palette knives can help you achieve some amazing things when you experiment and learn how to use them.

I hope this lesson opens your up to new painting possibilities and shows you how you can incorporate some simple palette knife techniques into a part of your painting process.

And perhaps they'll even become your go-to tool in your paintbrush toolkit!

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BONUS 3: Palette Knife Love - Tips, Tricks, Techniques & How To Paint With Your Palette Knife

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