Video Lesson: How To Paint a Tree with 1 Brush

Painting a tree with branches is a popular painting subject matters that you'll probably encounter in your painting journey.

Trees might look intimidating to paint, but when you break them down into a simple pattern and learn which brush to use- it's quite easy to paint.

No need to use multiple brushes either!

After learning this technique you'll know which brush to grab (and how to use it) when you need to paint a tree in any painting you make.

In this quick 6 minute tutorial, you'll learn how to use the versatile angled brush to create all parts of your tree: from the tree trunk, thick branches and even the thinner/finer branches.

Materials Needed:

  1. You'll need 1 angled brush for this tutorial. I used a 1/4" angled brush but you can use any flat brush you have on hand.
  2. Black or brown acrylic paint
  3. Water container
  4. Canvas or Canvas/Watercolor Paper

Let's dive in....

1 Lesson

BONUS 2: Painting a Simple Tree & Branches with 1 Brush

After watching this quick 6 minute video you'll know which brush to grab (and how to use it) when you need to paint a tree and branches in any painting you make.

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